Eatonville Baptist Church
A ministry for anyone and everyone

Helping Hands is a ministry designed to aid "with our hands" those persons struggling during times of physical and financial hardships:
  1.  first within our church,
  2.  then within the body of Christ
  3.  and finally as an outreach to the unsaved in our community.

As imitators of Christ, it is our intention to help those in need.  Through this ministry, we will try to match you and your skills to the need.  We want to offer encouragement and support through physical deeds to our fellow believers as well as those outside our church.  It's not all about the projects, it's about others.  We want to give participants a way to grow their natural and spiritual gifts.  We want to imitate Christ for others to see........and believe!

Can you be a part of this ministry?

Need a Hand?

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Can you:

Drive a truck      Lift a couch     Build a fence     Change a lightbulb or battery     Install a toilet  

Hang a light       Build a storage shed     Drive someone to the Doctor     Cut and Split wood    

Help with computers      Mow a lawn     hang sheetrock      plan a budget     etc. etc. etc.

Are you willing?     Are you available?