Eatonville Baptist Church

Pastor Dan Hoffman and his wife Theresa

Dan and Theresa Hoffman

I (Dan) have lived in the community of Eatonville since 1969.  Before that time, my family, originally from Washington State, lived as missionaries in the Philippines.  It was in my very early years that I came to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and felt his call to serve Him in some kind of full-time ministry.

My family moved to Eatonville where my father (Henry) was a teacher for the Eatonville school district, as well as, pastor of EBC into the early 90’s.  It was in his later years of pastoring that I (then married to Theresa) became part of the church staff as a Youth Pastor.  Theresa had given her life to Christ during her high school years, and grew in her passion to see others come to Christ.  Together, God gave us wonderful years of outreach and discipleship through the ministry of Young Life, as well, having the opportunity to mentor and coach high school wrestlers.

In 2003-04, EBC asked if I would lead the church as their new senior pastor.  Theresa and I are committed to lead and encourage this family of followers of Jesus Christ to be a people who are: For God.  For the People (God’s family).  For the City (Eatonville).  And, For the World globally!

We are not a perfect church, but we are a forgiven one.  We are a broken people living in a broken world in need of God’s mercy and grace.  It is our desire to be God’s visible expression of His grace and mercy to all who hear it, and to build up a community of growing followers of Jesus Christ who: Seek God Constantly – Serve God Faithfully – and Share Him Boldly.

We welcome you to join us in our mission and purpose to glorify God in deed and word.