Eatonville Baptist Church

Worship Team

At Eatonville Baptist Church, we define worship as:

  •  “The submission of all of our nature to God. It is the quickening of conscience by His holiness, nourishment of mind by His truth, purifying of imagination by His beauty, opening the heart to His love, submission of will to His purpose and all of this gathered up in adoration to Him. This is the greatest of human expressions.” --Ravi Zacharias.

To summarize, worship is our whole person focused on responding to the whole person of God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Worship at its best is to be a 24/7 submission of our lives unto God, not a Sunday morning experience.

The elements of our corporate worship at EBC include prayer, singing a blend of celebratory and reflective Christ-honoring, doctrinally sound songs both old and new, giving, the reading and proclamation of The Word, communion, baptism, and personal testimonies that encourage the congregation to worship our holy and awesome God with hearts full of praise. We have about 20 multi-generational individuals from the body who graciously assist with our worship throughout the month in the areas of vocal and instrumental music, and sound and projection systems with the goal that Christ alone receives all glory, adoration and praise!